I started shooting photos as a hobby when I was a kid. It is a simply enjoyable moment that I find how the world can be different and inspiring when looking through the lens.

Along the way with cameras, I grow up, move cities to cities and one country to another country, say goodbye to my old fellows and meet with new people. Many things in my life have changed, but the wonderful experience brought by taking photos never fade away.

I shoot everything: landscape, street, object and portrait as I'm amazed by the nature, the civilization, and the humanity. What I'm trying to do is to catch the subtle moments and reveal the unique parts in our life. I would rather stay as an amateur photographer, which can help me get rid of the industrialized photo-taking mind and think out of the box. I wish my attitude towards the photo-taking can create a distinct memory for you.

NIKON D800 is my primary camera. I carry it around when I would like take some serious pictures. You'd better believe me. It is a true workout!

Most of photos in my portfolio were taken by this baby. This well-built camera delivers the superb image quality and works great for large print-out decoration. Please contact me if you are interested in any of them. There are various products available.

Of course, I also play with couple of other toys, from film cameras to mirror-less cameras. Well, right, even cell phone. I'm amazed by what technology has brought to us. The quality of the images delivered by high-end compact cameras has improved significantly in recent years. They works incredibly good when you are doing street shooting. I wish you can also enjoy the uniqueness of the street photography. Again, please free feel contact me if you are interested.

Any discussion and comments are also welcomed. It will be great if I can have more friends here!